Travelling Script



Friendship and Early Journey
The first route: Rengasdengklok

Earlier this trip is a factor of chance, but planned. Maybe a little confusing, huh? Like this: start a journey with spontaneity requires recklessness, not determined. Haha! Obviously we are in the category of reckless because although mature physically (with a soul that is not much different from the girls who are still in high school), we were reckless driving, without knowing the machine and so forth. We believe, it is the task of the mechanic!
Friendship is like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly disgusting colorful is not originated from a visit together to the specific area — just like the officials. All started from musical concerts. Yup, that’s right! Music can unite people of different characters, and of course the background. Her love and pride for their own country music as well as the perpetrators. Unfortunately, recently began a decline in the quality of the product … concern!
But, we will not discuss here the music. Introduce, we were Anas and Dita.
Anasthasia Sadrach, female humorous, full of imagination, such as “an open book” but is actually a bit mysterious, like a simple thing but that he was “not that simple”, and would fuss if not blow her short hair in a salon, or forget to bring foundation and eyebrow pencil. Women are also happy summer style wearing a colorful girl, even though she was very fond of red and black.
From the looks, Dita Ayudya is sweet stylish women tend to be cool, like the branded items without having seen the brand, has a simple idea and a little wild, but far into the future, the words coming out of his mouth is not actually funny, but so it sounds funny when spoken with an expression that is not in sync with the tone of his voice. In dress, though she never forgot to wear a head covering, he was not a fanatic.
Yes blend of stark contrasts, headgear and clothing style summer girl. How would it be if these two women to travel alone with the look and a different mindset? The similarity between us is limited to relish the music of Indonesia and of course traveling. No wonder when we try to adventure (not like the Famous Five series or the like) with surrounding land of Java, Indonesia beloved, rich in all kinds of diversity, which unfortunately began to stray and was eliminated from the attention of the metropolis, the result would be uproar!

Objective: Rengasdengklok
Vehicles entering Cikampek toll, stopped for an hour for lunch at a resort on the edge of the highway at KM 19. Sudden idea to directly drive the car out at the gate Rengasdeklok ensued, with no set map (woman can read the map, but we try to change that statement), do not even know for sure, in which location we will go. Capitalize not ashamed to ask, rather than err on the road, we still arrive at their destination, home Sequestration Soekarno-Hatta, Rengasdengklok.
Outside the burning sun, the road is full of public transport, and flying debris drove us to try this initial trip. Slum houses that lined nearly all the way. Among the rows of typical slum suburbs, they slow down. A truck full of small children and simple sound system that emits dangdut music offers merriment at the weekend. Yes it’s a very simple entertainment, but fun for them. Yes it’s a very simple entertainment, but fun for them.
We step aside for a moment to take a picture that has not been we’ve ever seen. We also took time to pose on the rice field, oblivious to the other passengers looked at us, Anas with jeans mini skirt and a tight black T-shirt full purple tights, commensurate with the green rice jreng. While Dita wore jeans, T-shirt The Police Reunion Tour 2007 and headgear and Croc sandals. Happily also wary slip, hahahaha ….
Again and again we asked the people in the street with a sentence like this, “Soekarno Rengasdengklok a place where ya?” And they said “Ohhh, Bojong monument”, complete with directions, local specialties, “Not much really”, or “Wait again well up, turn left, turn right continue “(I know, it’s just there are two curves, LEFT and RIGHT). Another problem we had was, CAR. It turns out that our destination uneven asphalt, while we wear flat sedan to get there. If we do not arrive at the site, the futility of our day was madness. Desperate and everything started to sound in conversation gerundelan both of us, because there were signs of development results in a fair and equitable to the area where the exile Proclaimers Republic.
Soon, we saw the statue is not clenched hands in the middle of a field full of goats. We had parked the car and got out. Happy but still confused. “What is it?” Is our first question. Another sentence that came out was, “The President and Vice President ngumpetin here anyway?” Ohhh, it turns out it was Bojong monument, as mentioned ya on the edge of the road. Agile as we may directly pose. This monument is a sign that the house near where SOEKARNO-HATTA exile.
Some distance from the monument, we went into a small alley. In the middle of the small alleys and main roads constructed Determination Monument, to remember the history of the determination of the people of Indonesia who dared to run the two sons of the chosen people, and force them to proclaim the independence of the country that was colonized for too long. Not hard for us both to find Jl. The history of the first small alley near the monument.
Bamboo fenced with raffia ties yellow house with the white and green painted boards on the doors and windows that the exile of the two sons of this nation. Beside it there is a village shop. Of course, in 1945 the situation was not like that. The house is even still hidden in the woods. 1533 numbers emblazoned on the front.
Initially, we were only allowed to peek from the outside, because the current occupant was not at home. Yes, the house is still occupied by the descendants Engkong Oeng Blablabla. Homeowners turned out to be a Chinese legend. Seeing the faces of our pleading, finally, we were allowed into the house by his guards.
In the living room — full of smell of stale incense and a variety of other attached — typical Chinese place of prayer, with incense on either side of the table, photographs of Soekarno-Hatta, as well as newspaper clippings Megawati visited the house. There is a guest book, it turns out before us, coming students from several schools in Bekasi. And of course it Oeng Engkong photo. To the right of the table, there are halls of rest Bung Karno. Although the halls were just a replica (the original bed has been given to the national museum in London) is still chilling me goosebumps when I entered the room, and tried to sit on it.
A few minutes later we were out of the room, and headed across the room. There are halls rest of the first Vice President, Bung Hatta. His replication hall exactly like the Bung Karno halls. Spacious the room was either renewed or was originally like that, about 3×6 m2. We do not have time to ask, because this time Dita any fear grimaced. The room is also full of the smells that bothered my nose. Once satisfied to be there and take some pictures of the house, we said goodbye and went home.
On 1 November 2008, when we visited the Exile Soekarno-Hatta, the area is still fairly remote, so just imagine how it was in 1945 first. How distant, isolated, alienated, and the waste of both our proclaimer. My Ditha can only imagine, it was after we saw and came himself to that place. How about nothing? What would we know? What about the next generation? Yeah right … the history books only to read, not perceived … [Anasthasia Sadrach]




Dining Boutiques

Starting from selling a wide range of decorations for the home, particularly from glass crystal material. Then progressed to the restaurant that is not less beautiful, of course, at first glance the advantage lies in the interior design.
The dominance of white paint blends nicely with the color purple, to make me interested to stop at that place. Moreover with paddy rice crops grown in the side of the building, adding to the desire to sit and enjoy the sun pouring in Jalan Raya Petitenget No.. 28, Kerobokan, Bali, Café Jemme name of the place. A bit far from the city center / entertainment in around Kuta – Seminyak, yet very cozy.
Menu obligated to try it, and proving that the café is high flavor, and includes favorite menu is the Mixed Plate, which consists of shrimp, duck, chicken, calamari, salad and jemme dish with salad, served with lime mayonnaise. Original, toping they have been very good, glekkkk! The main food they serve is main course, such as: Coral Trout, Butter Curry of Seafood, Fillet of Beef Marinated star. All of the prices are fairly low, not more than Rp 100,000 (excluding taxes yaa). Course offerings cover (desserts) are available at this restaurant, and will be dining memungkaskan you. Such as: Tasting for Two, Baked Custard Cream, Chocolate Terrine Tich, and keep the price reasonable, moreover, ‘the price of Bali’ is entered into the main area of ​​domestic and foreign travelers.
Arranged in platters of beautiful food, with the ornaments to personalize the look and menu of food, and taste so delicious. To note also, all food ingredients, are organic materials. The combination of pleasure and health in the mouth, with a spatial beautiful. So we get a plus-plus satisfaction. It’s not about “The Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, but what will we remember when dining at this boutique café, what we get in there, would we like. Trust me! (Anasthasia Sadrach)


The Journey That Had To Be

The Journey That Had To Be


Before visiting Yogyakarta, or wherever you want to go for a walk as the agenda holiday with family or friends, or even as part of the “me time”, it is important to know at a glance your destination. Why? Because by knowing the outline of the area, you will easily adapt to the environment. It would also make it easier to plan your visit interesting places in the area.
Here’s a glimpse of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, which is quite familiar.
General Information
Provincial capitals: Yogyakarta
Governor: Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X
Total population: 3,452,390 (2010)
Ethnicity: Javanese (97%), Sundanese (1%), Other (2%)
Religion: Islam (91.4%), Catholics (5.4%), Protestant (2.9%), Others (0.3%)
Languages: Java, Indonesian
Time zone: GMT (western Indonesia time)

Demographic Information
Coordinates: 8 ° 30′-7 º 20 ‘S, 109 º 40′-111 º 0’ E
Geography: South: Ocean bordering Indonesia, North: Mount Merapi, West: Progo, East: River Opak sourced from the peak of Merapi and empties into the Java Sea.
Total area: 3185.80 km2 (<0.5% of Indonesia’s land area)
Administratively divided into 5 regions II level regions, namely
• Yogyakarta municipality with an area of ​​32.5 km2
• District with an area of ​​506.85 km2 Bantul
• District with an area of ​​1485.36 km2 Gunungkidul
• Kulonprogo District with an area of ​​586.27 km2
• Sleman district with an area of ​​574.82 km2
Provincial Characteristics:
City of Culture title is closely related to the history of the city of Yogyakarta as the center of the kingdom, the kingdom of Mataram (Islam), the Sultanate of Yogyakarta, and the Duchy Pakualaman.
Student City designation is closely related to the number of universities, both public and private, including: UGM, UPN, UII, the ISI, and the University of Muhammadiyah.
Types of tour: natural attractions, historical tours, cultural tours, shopping tours, culinary tours.
Types of transportation available: horse cart / wagon, tricycle, motorcycle, car, bus, train, airplane, boat.
Airport: Adi Sutjipto
Train: Station Tugu
Bus station: Giwangan, Umbul Harjo, Jombor, Gamping


Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

PYRAMID crater terraces

That uniqueness and privileges possessed by the Borobudur Temple. The second largest temple after temple Ankor Wat-Cambodia has an area of ​​15,129 m2 building, which is made up of 55,000 m3 of rock than 2 million pieces of rocks. The average stone size of 25 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm. Long pieces of stone the whole 500 km with total weight of 1.3 million tons of rocks! Wall reliefs of the temple is surrounded by a series of stories that made up the 1460 panel. The length of each panel is two meters. If the circuit is expanded relief, long relief entirely ± 3 km. The number of level ten, 1-6 levels of a square, while the round 7-10. Contained statues around the temple amounted to 504 pieces. Previously, the high temple ground level until the end of the stupa is 42 meters. However, after being struck by lightning, now just 34.5 meters.
Borobudur temple is made in the Sailendra dynasty who practice Buddhism, under the leadership of King Samarotthungga. Based on public speech, the architect who created the temple named Gunadharma. Construction of the temple was completed in 847 AD Located in the village of Neely, near Magelang, on a hill in the Bukit Dagi and the other a small hill. Located to the south of the Mount Menoreh. About 2 miles east, there is the confluence of two rivers, the Elo and the Progo. Viewed in its location, Borobudur stands on a hill.
Borobudur name of the first known manuscript “Negarakertagama” by Professor Prapanca in 1365 AD Mentioned in Budur monastery. Then, in the script “Chronicle Jawi Land” (1709-1710) there was a story about Mas Dana, someone who rebelled King Pakubowono I, who was caught in the Redi Borobudur and sentenced to death. In 1758, the news sparked a prince Yogyakarta, namely Prince Monconagoro, who would like to see a statue of a warrior are locked in a cage. In 1814, Thomas Stamford Raffles received the news of his subordinates about the hill covered with carved stone. According to the news, Raffles sent Cornelius, an admirer of art and history, to clean up that hill. Once cleared for two months with the help of 200 residents, the temple became clear. Restoration continued in 1825. In 1834, Resident Kedu cleanse the temple again, and in 1842, the temple stupa reviewed for further research. In 1991, Borobudur designated as UNESCO world heritage.
Until now Borobudur Temple still holds some mystery. Try to imagine and think! In the year 800 AD, the composition of the rock as it is, how to transport the stone from the area of ​​origin to point of destination? Are the stones already in the desired size or form of the original stone was still a mountain? How long is the process of cutting the stones to the size you want? How to raise the stones, from the bottom of the page to the top of the temple? The crane is being used? Relief images, whether drawn after the last set? Or stones are plain, carved new? Starting from the section where the image was carved, from top to bottom or from bottom to top? There are still many unsolved mysteries in science.
Which can be determined, anthropologists-ethnologists Austria, Robert von Heine Geldern, suggesting that the ancestors of Indonesia already familiar with the culture in the Neolithic and Megalitkum. At age Megalitkum, they made the tomb of his ancestors at once a place of worship in the form of tiered pyramid building. Getting up, getting smaller. When viewed from a distance, Borobudur will look like the composition of the staircase or a pyramid. Unlike the pyramids in Egypt and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, Borobudur is another version of the pyramid. Borobudur pyramid form lava staircase will not be found in the region and any country, including India. (Anasthasia Sadrach)

Malioboro-route Borobudur:
• Trans Jogja: Malioboro-3A-KH. Ahmad Dahlan-2B-Terminal USA: Rp3.000, 00. (Stop at Mount Wilson terminal, connect a short bus ride from there to Borobudur. Costs Rp 3,000,00 is up Trans Jogja)
• • Bus Terminal-Terminal Jombor Borobudur: 10,000, 00.
• Sign the Temple: Rp 15,000, and on Saturday / Sunday and national holidays, Rp 17,500 (adults), $ 10,000, and Saturday / Sunday, and national holidays Rp 11,000 (students). Special holiday Eid, Christmas and new year, HTM to public Rp 25,000 for children and students Rp 12,500.
• Bus terminal Borobudur – Terminal USA: 10,000, 00. (Way back from Borobudur – Yogya)
• Andong: 5,000 00. (From the front street to the entrance of the Borobudur temple)

• Various types of souvenirs sold in the art market around the Borobudur Temple. No exception souvenir leather puppets attracted many foreign tourists. The price: 25,000, 00 – Rp125.000,00
• Miniature stone in the form of temples, Sidharta Gautama, and others go on sale at a price of 15,000, 00. Be smart bargain prices!


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