Women in the Industry

Am Impossible!

Am Impossible!

Ever since its inception, the recording industry has been dominated by males. I remember many a session in which the only women on the scene were female artists or studio groupies. Fortunately in recent years, women have begun to play a more prominent role “behind the glass”. It has become increasingly more common for women to reach levels of prominence, both as enginners and in production. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your race or gender, remember this universal truth : If your heart is in it and you’re willing to work enough, you’ll make it.

I will write a complete story, experiences, ups and downs (although more like it) – at a later time. (Nastya)


Stage In Fire

Stage In Fire


Stage Review : Sepultura do Brazil Once Again Kick Your Ass!

Jakarta, 10 November 2012

2013 has just spelled out a week, my fingers or yours, are still able to show it. Events at the end of the year too, it was illustrated nicely in this head. Including music concerts that I have attended and neatly stored in my memory!

Sold 20 million albums worldwide! 12 albums recorded, so far. The newest Kairos (2011), the most popular: Arise (1991), Chaos AD (1993), Roots (1996). Call them – Sepultura! The most sucsessfull heavy metal band from Brazil! Hell yeah!!! Sepultura do Brazil re-create the stage musical Indonesia shook in their touring series in the three areas that have enough rabid fans loud music wing. Revision Indonesian Live Tour as a concert titled, bring 4 men around in three cities Tenggarong – Kalimantan, Jakarta, and the last in Makasar.

Derrick Green had 14 years in Sepultura, Max yet”, Andreas said at a press conference at the new arrival in Indonesia, before the title of the concert began. Yes always talks or questions from the media can not be separated from a comparison, or the past. A part of a long history of thrash metal band, one metal band musical role models from all over the metal band on the dome of the sky. The other side of the dark history of Sepultura is not too elevated, that after the departure of Max and Igor, for over ten years, Sepultura still there! The entry Derrick successfully spawned Against  (1998), Nation (2001), and of course Kairos. In addition a number of music tours or performances on stage metal music festival continues. The proof? November 10, 2012, at Lapangan D – Senayan, Jakarta, I became one of the witnesses who saw them, crystal clear!

Beneath The Remains is the first song they played at Senayan, showed that despite widespread Sepultura much affected taste and distinctive tribal groove of Brazilian music, but the thrash metal is old blood that still feels fresh. Followed by “Refuse, Resist” which seems to be set in such a way that it can burn anyone adrenaline who watched their performing act. Followed by Kairos, here it was clear that appear with the stunningly successful Sepultura. “They are still played loud and so fuckin tight!”

“I love Indonesia,” cried Andreas Kisser, who at this concert showed that he was the frontman. But it does not say too many words, he has been seen as the leader of the band that was established in 1984. In addition, age did not change his action on the stage. Excerpts guitar is still very powerful. Not only Andreas, Paulo Jr. still look containing arms and tearing bass guitar with full force. Perhaps apart, Paulo Jr. is now widely used on the bass distortion effects. And that became the talk of the area of ​​the concert that night, was, “This little monster from Brazil, Eloy Casagrande,” says Andreas when introducing new Sepultura drummer to 3000 spectators soluble tight musical hilarity at the time. No doubt, the drummers who were aged 21 years was, “He did play it fuckin loud!”  20 songs Sepultura lauched in their action in Jakarta, and Eloy never once heard saggy play. Youth magic that comes from São Paulo, Brazil, in 2006 is a teenager who has won the Modern Drummer Undiscovered Drummer Contest, and he was more than eager to join such metal icons Sepultura.

"Play it fuckin loud!" - Oh yes he did!!!Casagrande says: “When I got the invitation to join Sepultura, I was surprised not to play. During this time I was a big fan of this band, and it will be an honor for me to play with them. “

Two songs as the encore was “Rattamahata” and “Roots”, before going into the last song, the more silent Derrick previously expressed his feelings that “We will back here. This is one of the best places to play in the world.” Then the two songs, leaving the impression that Sepultura is incredible live band! Oh yeah, for sure! Tho 25 thousand spectators in 1992, and 3000 spectators in 2012, it does not matter. Reunion concert, no need. Why? Because I’ve kissed a legend! (Nastya)


"Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel...

“Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel…”


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