Seeing With My Heart

20 Dec

ImageAs u guys know me (well some of u), I always love travelling and going to museum or historical places. Well, I took plenty of art history classes, have seen the original Adam n God, Jesus last dinner, Monalisa, Picasso museum, Van Gough, etc. I have seen many places around the globe, which i always promise to make a website out of it, or at least..a book, but never done it until today, hahahaha. One day! Recently, I am really dedicating myself to explore the Indonesian historical heritages. Yup, I need to start doing something on my own heritage. Never says late to begin. It’s better than never. Since dollar is getting high here, which is…makes everyone stressed & hard to travel, including me, I feel i have to find a solution to get away from my busy days of meetings. Actually, I’ve been planning to do this for such a long time, but I couldn’t find anyone who are bravely enough to just jump into whatever the challenge takes. Perhaps, with the economic situation today, now is the best time to do so, it’s a cheap travelling, huh?. Why? Most of the historical sites, only cost Rp.2000-4000 or less than $50cents, why is so cheap, Mr. President? No wonder sometimes, it is not in a good condition. it’s cheaper than parking on the street for 5 minutes, or same as parking at the mall (the 1st two hours 3000,-). The only obstacle is the road directions are not clear enough, especially in the suburb. Unfortunetly, we can’t depends on the maps. Well, i just bought a new map of JKT and surrounding areas, 300 pages with CDs, but, yup missing 10 pages. How could they?

Yup, I am now back on the roads! yiiippiiee, even only on Saturday for few months, or maybe next time on weekends if my husband allows me, since I am married and work 9-5 daily. Anasthasia Sadrach, my best friend with a different personality is going along with me. Those who are in Indonesia music industry knows her well. Outside the music world, she is tough, brave and a good driver! Indonesia has so many motorcycles and crazy trucks, a bit tricky. Therefore, I need someone that has a good skill on parking n crowded places. This journey is dedicated to all my friends in Indonesia and around the globe. With the global economic crisis, today 1 dollar = 12.500, last month was 9.300. I know it’s going to be awhile for us to see each other again (hiks), or seeing other places that far away from where we live now,, I will post pictures of what I saw, my place; the Indonesian herritage. Hopefully u will like it, and see the place i live now. Feel free to comment or email me ur new photos of where u live now. By the way, for this journey, since we are doing it only for fun, so we do it when we feel free. No deadlines are for us! (Dita) .

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